Did You Know?

Many things we take for granted today are due to advocacy by the Women’s Institute.

Here are just some of our achievements:

* Partnership with the Ministry of Health with the R.O.S.E. Health Program

    (Rural Ontario Sharing Education) 

* Partnership with the Phone Busters to STOP scams

* Mandatory stopping for school buses with flashing lights

* Strict safety precautions for agricultural holding tanks 

* Pasteurization of milk 

* Wrapping of bread

* Painting of white lines on provincial roads

* Signs at railway crossings 

* Clear markings on poison containers 

* Dental/Medical inspections in schools 

* T.B. tests for people handling food 

* Enforcement of handicapped parking 

* Legal enforcement of the living will 

* Establishment of Brock University 

* Formation of MacDonald Institute at the University of Guelph

*Formation of MacDonald College at McGill University

* Partnering with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada  

    promoting “Knowledge is the Best Medicine”