Who Are We?

The New Dundee Women’s Institute the largest branch in Canada with 60 members has existed for over 100 years having begun in 1907.

Through the network of branches we offer high quality education and support programs; advocate for social and economic change and work towards the personal growth and empowerment of women.

FEDERATED WOMEN’S INSTITUTES OF ONTARIO (FWIO) envision an Ontario where women work together for safe, healthy families, communities and pursue an enriched and balanced life.

Associated Country Women of the World (A.C.W.W.)
Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada (F.W.I.C.)
Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario (F.W.I.O.)
Area (Guelph)
District (4 Waterloo branches)
Branch  (New Dundee or other)
Member (you)

As a member of the Associated Country Women of the World, the Women’s Institutes of Ontario support community projects in developing countries such as clean drinking water and literacy training.

Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada

1,000 branches distributed throughout 10 provinces

  • provide a united national voice for all Women’s Institutes of Canada
  • initiate national programs and provide resource material
  • provide intercommunication among the units of the federation
  • provide leadership in the promotion of Canadian agriculture and community living
  • develop responsible citizens through the study of issues of national and international importance
“We provide scholarships for students furthering their education at post-secondary institutions.”

The Waterloo District Branches

New Dundee - Wilmot Twp.

Branchton - Cambridge area

Bloomingdale - Woolwich Twp.

Maple Grove - Kitchener-Waterloo